Volunteers are the heart of the PEI MFRC

April 12-28 is National Volunteer Week across Canada. On the volunteer.ca website, it says that “volunteers are the ripple effect.” While this is true, here at the PEI MFRC, we are blessed to have hard-working, dedicated volunteers, who not only create ripples, but who truly are the heart of what we do. So, when we think of our volunteers, we imagine more of a heart beat image than a ripple.

We honestly couldn’t do what we do without our volunteers.

Locally, we have approximately 20 volunteers. They help with all kinds of tasks: sitting on various committees, helping plan and run social events for our military families, sitting on the Board of Directors, putting together morale packages, helping coordinate our military discount program, and sometimes even assisting in the office when we need extra admin support.

Did you know that you don’t need to be military or have a family member in the military to volunteer with us?

We get that question a lot.  And, while, yes, our BOD must be made up of a certain % of military family members, to volunteer with us, you do not need to have a direct connection to the military at all. You just need to have a desire to support the troops and their families!

So, to all the volunteers who help us out . . . . THANK YOU! Those two words are not enough to express our gratitude (sometimes, we express gratitude with coffee and cookies). Please know that we really do appreciate everything you do.

And, if you think you’d like to join our team (and get in on that coffee and cookie part of the gig!), we’d love to chat with you more about volunteering with us.

Happy National Volunteer Week!

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  1. If you are interested in becoming a registered PEI MFRC volunteer, I’d love to hear from you! My name is Lynn and I am the volunteer cooordinator…you can reach me at lynn.miiligan@forces.gc.ca.

    To our current volunteers, THANK YOU!

  2. A huge thankyou to all of the volunteers, giving back to community makes a huge and positive impact….It takes a village…Thank you

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